DSE Solar Street Lighting Kits

DSE Solar Street Lighting Kits is an ideal lighting system for outside illumination, e.g., parking area, public road, soccer fields...


All kits are individually sized and equipped with high quality components, including the innovative lighting element with 30-80W high quality LEDs. Solar Module is Scandinavian manufactured, typically has a lifespan of over 30-50 years. The integrated charge controller is programmable with nightlight function. Therefore the street lighting kits can automatically switch on as soon as the sun goes down and switch off with the sun rise.

In addition the light output can be dimmed in two stages to regulate the electricity consumption.

This makes it possible to run the streetlights with full light output in the busy evening hours and in the busy morning hours and run them with a sizing based on a flux reduction of 50% and an autonomy period of 84 hours output around midnight.

Our street lighting Kits are designed to operate in all weather conditions, and are complete maintenance free for many years.