Solar Modules

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Our automated production facility ensures the highest quality possible. The 4“, 5“, 6“ or 7“ cells mono or polycrystalline products are suitable for all applications from the BIPV, greenhouses, rooftop to the large-scale power plant.


The solar cells are protected by tempered glass and encapsulated in EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) with very high transparencies. The rear of the module is sealed with a robust UV protective film (TEDLAR), which ensures the cells against the environmental conditions they are exposed to.

The frames are glued with a high quality silicone, and the specially developed deep grooves in the frame into which the laminate is inserted gives the module the necessary long-lasting strength and stability against the powerful environmental impacts they are exposed over their long life up to 50 years.

The flat box (Junction Box) on the back provides perfect protection, of the electrical outlets from the laminate against water penetration, while condensation water can easily come out of the box. The box is also designed to ensure the necessary cooling.

The module is equipped with UV protected cables and connectors. and specially designed to ensure fast and correct connection and protect the electrical parts from water.

All components and suppliers are carefully selected. based on the strict environmental requirements of Dansk Solenergi.


Quality Control

We continuously monitor and control the entire production process, to ensure the high homogeneous quality standard of all our products.

We always use the best raw materials in the market,


When you work with Dansk Solenergi ApS, you will receive Denmark's largest producer of solar panels and more than 20 years of experience.

All solar modules from Dansk Solenergi are manufactured according to IEC 61215, Safety class II and EN 61730