Stand alone Kits

DSE stand alone Kits are independent power source packages, they are ideal for home, school, hospitals and health clinic in remote area, or refugee camp, beach huts, motor homes and summer houses etc.


These stand alone solar systems are in various size: Battery inverter from 300W to 1000W, with 12Volt or 24Volt battery bank, Except for these settled sizes, We design solar system flexiblly to your needs, both size and components. The components we only use from off grid products expert, like Steca or VictronEnergy, to ensure European Quality and deliver trustworthy.


A few distinct advantages:

  • DSE Solar Kits are virtually maintenance free, their design life span is quite longer than conventional ones.

  • Solar components are well configurated due to the fact that Danish Solar Energy has been engaged in solar industry for more than 20 years.

  • Installation is quick and simple, no special tools required.


To get an optimum utilization of a photovoltaic System the panels must be mounted on a shadow free surface (for example a roof), facing north or south (depending of the hemisphere you are on) an with an angle supplied by your installer. Remember that even partial shadow will reduce the effect of the solar module. At installation you must note the solar angle and hereby the shadows changes by the seasons.