About us

Danish Solar Energy Ltd. has been nominated as one of fastest growing companies in Denmark. Danish Solar Energy Ltd. produces a broad range of high quality (subsidiaries HEM Photovoltaic Ltd.) modules, related electronic components and solar energy solutions - a competitive clean alternative to fossil based energy.

The company offers complete photovoltaic turnkey solutions either linked to the grid, or as a stand-alone system. We have more than 20 year experience in production, project management, system design and installation of all types of photovoltaic power systems.

more look at -  www.danishsolarenergy.com

...our dream is, a world that supply sustainable green energy to people
without limits...Our vision mean:
Providing best-in-class products and consulting advices, equipment and services - vital to expanding our customers' energy capabilities. Behaving as responsible citizens of the world, and valuing the positive influence multicultural societies have on our company.
Being the partner of choice because we collaborate closely with customers, we will be wherever and whenever they need us and are highly accountable.
Earning the trust of customers and our employees not only for the result we achieve, but also how we achieve it.

We also offer state-of-the-art, turn-key manufacturing, factories.
Precision sub-assemblies and complete products range. Our production plants never compromise the quality. And can be done scalable, starting from 5 MWp – to any size